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We are a team of like-minded individuals, we have tried our best to create a bridge between different cultures from different corners of the world with the diverse culture of Europe.

Welcome to the vibrant and historic European Cultural Heritage that dates back to thousands of years. Europe is a land of diversity where you will find confluence of cultures, languages, ethnicity and history. As a team of like-minded individuals, we have tried our best to create a bridge between different cultures from different corners of the world with the diverse culture of Europe. 2018 was the year of cultural heritage in Europe and like every year, the European Heritage week celebration was made successful with ten initiatives that have taken the legacy of European culture ahead. Innovation, Protection, Sustainability and Engagement –these were the four principles which define the 2018 European Year of Cultural Heritage. But, this legacy does not end here. Just like every year, this was only a promise for continuation of upholding the cultural heritage of Europe around the world. While bringing forward the past legacy, we are always trying to add new initiatives to reach out for more audience and encourage them in making the preservation of European culture successful.

What We Do?

Each individual of the team tries to make sure that the initiatives fixed for every year is successful through the series of projects and actions, both traditional and contemporary. In order to boost and valorize the pre-existing initiatives, the team puts extra effort in adopting new initiatives that run smoothly with the former ones. Digital, tangible and intangible aspects of every initiative are addressed by us so that we can offer beneficiary results to each target groups ranging from local communities to heritage professionals, general public to elite groups who are hard to reach as well as kids, youth and adults.

In this venture, we have various departments of European Commission who are there to deal with the policies contributing to our initiatives while funding programs. Our European Initiatives have their foundation on Natura 2000, Horizon 2020, URBACT Cooperation Program, Europe For Citizens and European Destinations of Excellence or EDEN, to name a few. The ten European Initiatives are perfectly implemented by the advisory bodies of European Union, European Social and Economic Committee and Committee of the Religions along with External Action Service. Besides, we are working as close partners with the variegated stakeholders of cultural heritage of the ten Initiatives, ICOMOS, UNESCO, Council of Europe and other international organizations.

What We Believe?

We believe that the European Heritage Day along with the ten Initiatives will urge the school-kids to nurture their knowledge, competence and skill on preserving European Cultural Heritage throughout Europe. While any historical monument or environment goes through any change, we believe that the authority does that while abiding by the proper guidelines and principles. After proper assessment of the risk management initiatives, any European Union member would try to take preventive and protective measures against man-made and natural calamities.

Our Mission

Our mission is to garner the spirit of cooperation among the local people, tourists and the members of the European Union so that in future, the cultural heritage keeps on inspiring the visitors just as they do now. We strive to follow the four principles of European Initiatives as mentioned before so that children, youth and tourists feel that the heritage is shared to all. Our goal is to promote sustainable tourism around those cultural heritage sites and create a sustainable transition in the heritage. We are determined to fight against any illicit smuggling of heritage goods as well as any damage done or attempted on the cultural heritages. At the same time, our mission is to foster proper training and education among the mass so that they feel inclined towards participating in the preservation of heritages.

Our Vision And Objectives In Future

Our vision is that European cultural heritages experience a sustainable tourism where everyone feels respect and fascination towards the monuments or sites. Our objectives are to nurture the interest in research, technology, science and innovation as well as social unity through community participation. We hope that each year there are new jobs regarding the events and preservation projects. The vision is to re-imagine the heritage landscapes, military sites, religious, industrial and historical sites while keeping the old charm intact. In future, we hope to see each and everyone stand up against illicit trade or harm done on the cultural heritage sites as they are convinced of the idea that the heritage does not discriminate between people but shares its glory among all.

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