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Slide 1 Dating back to 1992, the European Forum for Arts and Heritage has been working enthusiastically on addressing the cultural policy issues of Europe till date. In this long journey, the organization has been renamed as the Culture Action Europe in 2008. Learn More Slide 2 The cultural heritage of Europe ranges from natural to digital and from tangible to intangible forms. While natural heritage consists of flora and fauna of any particular landscape, the digital heritage is man-made animation or digital art as well as texts, videos, images and records. Read More

Mapping Contemporary Art In The Heritage Experience –What It Is?

MCAHE examines the practice and role of the temporary commissioning of visual art within Britain’s heritage properties while mapping current landscape, exploring its impact on the visitors and producers.

Intercultural Dialogue Culture In Shared Public Spaces

Council of EU keeps on prioritizing European contribution to intercultural dialogue as a follow-up to European Agenda for Culture.

Culture Action Europe

The decision makers of the European Union are in close contact with the team of Culture Action Europe and thereby, EU has recognized it as one of the most unique resources for expertise in cultural policy.

Recent News

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Efforts At Preserving Europe’s Heritage Sites

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Mapping Contemporary Art In The Heritage Experience: Walking, Looking And Telling Tales

Commissioned by the Newcastle University, renowned artist Mark Fairnington organizes walking tours and art exhibitions…


Pure Taboo

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Transfixed Series

Transfixed – the new era in transgender entertainment is here. Thanks to Adult Time the series the redefined the niche is making a long-awaited comeback. The biggest names, the most tabooish situations and fantasies – all that in 4K quality. Are you ready for new episodes in 2021?

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